Processor Execution Times

Hey everyone,
I’d like to know, what the durations provided when hovering processors in a recently executed workflow really mean. I am somewhat clear that “Processor Execution Time” is what it says. But I couldn’t make sense of the “Execution Time Until Processor”. Those times don’t add up when walking through the workflow, but I expected them to. Any ideas?


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Hi Max,

Processor Execution Time = Time spent inside this Processor
Execution Time Until Processor = Time spent in the WF until this Processor execution finished (should rather read “Time Including this Processor”)

Hope that helps

P.S.: Please note, that many of our Processors are transformation processors which do not cause computation on data inside themselves. This means that big portions of the time will be spent in processors where data gets materialized (like Row Count, Result Table, Save, etc.). All preceding processors can contribute to the complexity (and therefore execution time) of these terminal processors but have not that much execution time themselves in a regular WF execution. Full Debug can give some insights into the complexity added by each processor (by comparing the increase in execution times).