Prevent multiselect filter from resetting applied options

is there a way to prevent a multiselect filter from resetting the applied options when writing in the text field? Thanks in advance!

Hey Felix,
what do you mean reset when writing in the text field? Do you have a multiselect, then select an option and want to search for other options in the multiselect filter?

If the problem is that you want to have a preselected set of filters, you can select the filters once and set a bookmark in your browser to get “standardized” reports - the filters will be saved the next time you open the bookmark.

Hey Melchior,

in my case there is a data table and a multiselect filter for this table. If you select various options in this filter and apply it, the data table will be filtered by the chosen options.
If you write something in the text field in the multiselect filter, the previous selected options will immediately be resetted.

ah I see. Sorry, cannot help with that - I have never seen it before :smiley:

Hi Felix,

thank you for your input. I will discuss with the team whether this is a bug or an improvement.
Either way I will note it down.