Pattern Fill Module of High Charts

Dear App Builders,

do you know whether the “pattern-fill.js” module of highcharts is available in the app builder?


These are the Highcharts modules loaded by Apps:

  • highcharts-more
  • highcharts-3d
  • modules/funnel
  • modules/heatmap
  • modules/treemap
  • modules/cylinder
  • modules/funnel3d
  • modules/pyramid3d
  • modules/drag-panes
  • modules/histogram-bellcurve
  • modules/bullet
  • modules/networkgraph
  • modules/parallel-coordinates
  • modules/sunburst
  • modules/tilemap
  • modules/timeline
  • modules/variable-pie
  • modules/venn
  • modules/wordcloud
  • modules/xrange
  • modules/solid-gauge
  • modules/data

So I fear the answer is no at this point.

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thanks! As it is not in the list, I agree. Is it possible to integrate further modules? How much effort does it take for the app builder team to integrate a further module?