Opening Array through Actions in a table

Dear One Data Community,

we want to apply variables on arrays through actions from a table, which only allows the type STRING. The array should consist of one element, which will be the actual content of the table.

Or in simple words: Does anyone have a way to arbitrarily assign variables by clicking on a row in a table? Are there other CCs or apps components than the ones we found?

Thank you.

There is a CC for this.
We are using navigation-cell CC for an App in one of our internal projects for the Architects.
An arrow in the row can be used to fill variables that are displayed somewhere in the UI.
Find a code snippet of the table element below.

"variablesToSet": [
        "variableName": "selectedId",
        "columnName": "id"
"goToPage": "Process_Requests"

In the App, it looks like this: