Next/Back - Buttons to switch between pages


we are creating an App with multiple pages that are supposed to be worked on after each other.
Creating a simple navigation sidebar already worked fine


We would prefer Next/Back - Buttons over the Sidebar, since the customer is not supposed to switch between pages in an random order. The documentation already mentions that we can add goto-Links to specific elements to switch the views and we have tried that.


Sadly, the Buttons do not have any effect and on top of that, make the regular Sidebar unusable until we refresh the App. Is there a way to navigate my App with Next/Back - Buttons in another way or might we have a configuration error in this?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Hi Franzi :slight_smile:

Can you maybe also share your “pages”-configuration and the rest of the element configuration in which you’ve placed the navigation? This could help in figuring out what is going wrong here.
A first idea: at the places we are using this I saw 2 additional attributes in the navigation - “linkElement” (needs to be true as far as I can see) and “showLink”. You could check if adding those changes the behaviour.