Nested usage of integrated-workflow processors

is it possible to use the integrated workflow processor (IWP) in a nested way?

I want to create a microservice-WF that is used in a master-WF via the IWP. Now in this microservice-WF I want to use another IWP to use a second microservice-WF inside.

Is this possible?

this is prohibited by the implementation currently. There’s an explicit check in the code to make it impossible.

In order to prevent loops (WF A calling WF B calling WF A again), we added an artificial blocker for IWF chains with more than one level of depth.
However, I think there was some effort on its way to allow your scenario. Not sure, whether the work has already been completed.
For sure, you can try it out. It either already works or the programmatic safeguard is still in place and you will get a respective error message.

@flogge fun fact: we did the opposite with production lines in production lines and then implemented top sort to find the loops

Thanks for your quick answers.
It indeed is not possible, but I think a feature that would (together with allowing the same integrated-WF used multiple times in a master) highly help to build really modular workflow chains (like when calling functions inside other functions in any programming language). :slight_smile:

This is how the error message looks like:

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