NavigationCells for different pages in one table

Dear Appsperts,

our customer requested to have two navigation cells pointing to two different pages in a summary table.

Example use case:

  • User wants to have an overview of processed materials in a summary table
  • There are two categories: Purchased and produced materials
  • One material can belong to both purchased AND produced
  • User wants two drilldown columns to decide whether to see the details for the produced items or the purchased items (schema of the details tables differs)

I tried specifying the go to page via a variable but since there is only one line per material in the summary table, I did not manage to reach a distinct value on column level…
Does anybody have an Idea how to make this possible?

Thank you a lot!

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Hi Magy. I think it is possible to add an execution button into a cell, and the button could have “navigation”:{} property. I am not 100 percent sure that this will work but you could check in this direction.

Has the “navigation”-Property worked in this case - and do you have a code snippet? I have a similar problem, but this solution didn’t work for me…


I could not figure out how to configure it with this property.
We decided to stick with a long format in the table and solve it with only one navigation cell (so purchased and produced item are not in one line with 2 navs but below each other).

Kind regards

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