Navigate to Page after Upload - data-upload-form-del-219 v0.3.2

Hello Experts,
I’m using the custom component data-upload-form-del-219 v0.3.2 and want to navigate to a different App page after successfully uploading my file. According to the documentation this seems to be possible with the Config Properties “pageToNavigate” and “successButtonText”. But I had no success with them, the page didn’t change automatically and a success button was not displayed.
The upload itself works fine.
Has somebody used this part of the component before and could maybe give me a working example?

Best regards,

Hello Sebastian,
Are you also executing a workflow after the upload via endpoints ? The navigate button will only be shown after a success of workflow execution.

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Hi Ali,
yes I do, the Workflow takes about 2 seconds, I cant see any changes after the WF finished. I only get the Notifications top right that the upload started and was successful.