Multi URL API Load default column value

Hi :slight_smile:
I have a question regarding the Multi URL API Load:
When loading from Multiple URLs there is one column that is not in every response (Warning below).

Now I actually want to do something with the “values” column and have an empty object when it is not available.
So I added a default Value for the “values” column (second image).

But the column is still not there and I also have the warning again.
Did someone also had the same issue or am I missing something? Thanks :slight_smile:

For Flogge :wink:
I have one response like this → { "my4": "2021", "orderType": "9YAAA1", "ggId": "46", "values": [ { "optionCode": "ZGA", "optionType": "L", "rule": "SZ8_M/S9Y_M/ZLA_L", "ruleType": "-" }, { "optionCode": "ZED", "optionType": "L", "rule": "SZ8_M/S9Y_M", "ruleType": "+" } ] }

And one like this →
{ "my4": "2021", "orderType": "9YAAA1", "ggId": "46" }

And if values is not available I wanted to have a default value.

Are you parsing your json response with the Multi-URL Processor?
Maybe you can solve the problem by using the JSON parsing processor instead

No, I already wanted to parse it with the JSON processor, but the column is not even forwarded to the processor as the Multi API Load processor already removed the column :frowning:

Thanks to @stefan.ganser I found a workaround which is just using the Flexible REST processor.
Takes a little more time to setup but behaves more then expected :slight_smile:

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So if anyone ever encounters the same issue.
Basically the Multi URL API Load behaves differently when requesting from APIs with different column responses and will then just removes the column that are not present in all requests.
If you still want to use them just use the Flexible REST API Processor.
It returns the Body unformated for every request and afterwards it can be formatted with the JSON parser.
You will still get information in the JSON parser that some values are not available, but the others get parsed and that is exactly the way I expected it. :slight_smile: