Multi-Purpose datasources (e.g. for use in tables/charts and KPIs)

I have a datasource which is a list of resources together with their type (A and B) and health status (OK and ERROR). I want to do (at least) two things with this list:

  • Show a table with all the details
  • Show a KPI with the amount of resources for each resource type and status (actually these will be two different KPIs, one for each resource type)

So here’s the question:
Can/Should I use the same datasource for both the table and the KPIs?
If no: What is the (technical) drawback of doing so?
If yes: How?


I think I was able to solve it myself:
By using a tempCustomSql in the KPI element, I got exactly, what I needed.
Unfortunately, the Query is executed server-side which is a bit overkill for my use case (only ~10 rows in the full data table) but it gets the job done and performs well.