Maximum execution time for function triggered via App

Hi dear App Builders,

I have a OD function that executes a workflow multiple times and works iteratively with the results of these single workflow executions. When I run the function directly in OneData (via save, deploy & run) everything works fine and I get the expected result.
However, when I trigger the function via the App, after some time a message appears in the App that the function returned an error. Curiously, this message appears, whilst the “actual” function is still running (the workflows are still being called and executed).
So, I was wondering if there is something like a maximum execution time for functions triggered via an App, which might tell the App that something went wrong with the function (even though the function is just taking longer than “allowed”)

Thanks already for your input!

Hi @laetitia.frost :slight_smile: I think what is timing out there is the connection from the App to the Function. There is a websocket in place and in the instance configuration you can set the timeout for this. Like you observed, this does however not influence the function itself, it’s just the amount of time that the App waits for an answer.

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