Making only a certain column editable within a variable table

Dear App Builders,

Is there a way to assign a specific value to the “edit” attribute for each column of a table that is variable, meaning it has no fixed columns?

Following this question, we also would also ask whether there is the possibility of a defined order instead of an alphabetical sorting within a multiselect filter?

Use Case:

In our App we use a multiselect filter to select which columns to be displayed in a table. This table and also the available columns are not fixed as the underlying table can be changed by a dropdown.

We now want to enable the possibility to edit exactly one column (which would have the same name throughout all columns), the other columns should not be editable.

Currently we are overwriting the “config.column” property of the table element which looks like this:

`"$columns": {`
{{filters.filterReportTableColumns_ele.col_name.values |
list?separator=},{\"name\":}} }]"`

The workaround is very similar to an already raised topic here a few month ago:

One possible workaround we tried is to pass ‘“edit”: false’ in the separator. The mayor problem with this solution is, that when nothing is selected in the multiselect filter for selecting the columns, then the value of the config becomes invalid and will use as default all available columns and therefore won’t have the property for editing. Also there would be the problem that the last column wouldn’t have this config as the separator wouldn’t be used.
This problem could be solvable by giving all columns per default to the multiselect filter so having all available columns of the respective table preselected. This would be feasible by passing an array of all respective columns to the property “$selectedFilter”. The issue then is that we would have an alphabetical ordering of the columns but we need a fixed ordering – also after deselecting some columns in the filter. Is there any possibility to have a fixed defined order within the multiselect filter instead of an alphabetical one?

Thanks a lot in advance :blush: