Load detail content into HTML on row click in table

Hey folks,

is it possible to design an App with two sections in a page, one being a list of items (regular table) and the other being a detail view for items in the list?
The idea is that we load an item list (e.g. name and status) in the table and once a user clicks a specific row, detail information (e.g. name, status, description, comment) will be displayed for the clicked item in the HTML part.
Data in my case stems from the same source for both elements if this matters…

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You can set Apps Variables with a Click on a row. So after clicking on a button in your row, Apps Variables are set using the input from other columns but the same row. You then can display those Apps Variables in the detailed HTML part

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Thanks Kai. This is exactly what I am looking for.

Do you also have an example?

For completeness: The Custom Component navigation-cell is required for this solution