Keep chosen position of the toggle if navigated to/from other page

I am using a toggle element to filter a table.

  • I switch the toggle (that it is not the default position any more)
  • I navigate to another Apps Page (using the navigation property put on html elements)
  • I return to my initial Apps Page

Now the toggle is again in the default position (all other variables I have set in the meantime are still unchanged, i.e., if I have overwritten the default value, the new value is still applied).

This behaviour is very irretating for the user, as some of his interactions are reverted but not all. Is there a way to prevent the toggle to do so?

Hi Kai,
At least I do not know a config which is there to do so.
I will take it with me if this is a undesired behavior you reported here.
Based on your description it indeed feels not directly correct.
If so it gets processed as bug and the appropriate prio in relation to other topics.
Thanks for taking your time and bringing it to the community.