Is there a way to implement "required" input-fields without doing the test in the workflow?

We built a “form-like” page for the user to create something new. Of the 3 fields (variableInput-elements) at least one should be required.

This requirement is then checked in the workflow that is executed via the execute-button, but the response for the user is a bit late and it would be great to get this feedback before hitting the “Create new study”-button (in the frontend already), basically similar to what custom hooks or verification allows for table edits.

Unfortunatelly currently I do not know of a common way to do this besides building a custom component, but maybe somebody else has more ideas about it.
What I can say is, the demand for such a behaviour is not new and Product Management aleady is aware of it to consider something like this as a future improvement possibility.
The current drawback is that elements do not directly “talk and know from each other” based on the current config possibilities.
What is currently noted and I think your demand fits quite good is:
“Option to configure variable input fields dependent on some other elements’ state in order to indicate and force them to be for example mandatory or highlighted”.

There already is a custom component that has been built for forms and provides this behaviour, it’s called simple-microservice-form. You can have a look at the documentation for further information.