Is there a proxy timeout for actions such as "Save Changes to Table" or "Execute Button"

Dear *,

in our project we have a few backend workflows that take more than a few seconds to finish. These workflows are for example triggered via a “Save to Microservice”-action of a table.

For long-running workflows (perhaps ~60s) it is possible that the workflow finishes correctly, but the APPS frontend will continue to show a spinning “Save Changes” button and will never finish. Only after a reload of the App the correct (updated) data is shown.

Is it possible that some websocket, reverse proxy or other tooling has a timeout defined that leads to this behavior? Who would be able to change this?

(I know that we had the same issue for non-Apps issue with calling a microservice workflow endpoint directly where DevOps had to increase the reverse-proxy timeouts to allow requests to take more than the default of 60s… Is this perhaps similar since we also use “saveToMicroservice” here?)

Hi Christoph,

the execution of workflows via an endpoint is not constrained by a timeout. The execution of the workflow is asynchronous and the ONE DATA Core backend informs Apps once the workflow is finished. For this the workflow.HTTPNotification.* configuration properties must be set correctly at ONE DATA Core backend by DevOps.

The execution of microservice save is constrained by a timeout as it is a synchronous call. Please note that the invocation of the microservice is not done via the reverse proxy but directly between the Apps and ONE DATA Core backends. The Apps server imposes a maximum time to wait for responses that is configurable via the http-client.socket-timeout configuration property (number of milliseconds to wait for a response). The default value there is 30s. Please consider increasing this configuration property.



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