Internal error when calling a function the first time (via saveToFunction)

Hi everyone!

I’m currently working on an App which triggers a function when a data table is edited. This function retrieves data tables via the OD Python SDK, modifies data and than patches/updates some data tables via the SDK.
However, I’ve experienced a rather strange behavior:
Sometimes, when I want to save the changes on the data table, an error-message appears:
error message
However, when I click “save” again after the error message appears, the function runs through and the data is saved with no problems (with the same edits, with whom the function failed before).

As I’ve said, I do not always experience this behavior. I’ve noticed the following pattern:

  • It mostly appears the first time when I edit the table and try to save the changes (bzw. when the save button/the function hasn’t been triggered for some time)
  • When the saving fails, the saving process takes a lot longer than usual

This got me thinking, maybe it is a kind of “time out issue” on the instance? (Note: I increased the “timeout”-attribute in the api call but this didn’t change anything)

Has anybody experienced something similar or knows what the issue could be?

Any hint is greatly appreciated! :smile:

Hey @laetitia.frost :slight_smile: Which version of the Python SDK are you using? Could you try adding the timeout directly to the initialisation of the od_api object and check if it works then?
There were some problems in the past with adding timeouts directly to the individual API-calls (which should in theory be resolved in the latest version but who knows :D).