Integrate a custom font in HTML element of an app

Hi everyone,

I want to add in my app a HTML div element in a certain font (protipo) that I have to insert manually because it is not a common html font. On my working laptop, the font is installed and it works but not on my remote desktop, from where I am accessing the One Data instance.

Does anyone know how I can add a custom font in an HTML element of an app?

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Perhaps @kyrabollmeyer can help us out here :smiley: ?

I’m not 100% sure but it’s a try worth to have a look here CSS !important Property


But as it’s working on your working laptop it seems there is a problem that the font is not found. Is the font a webfont from your client? If not maybe this helps CSS Web Fonts

Thanks! Our goal was to set the font to ONE LOGIC’s “protipo” font for apps, and we thought we needed to set a custom font to do that.

However, by specifying no font at all, actually the font is automatically set to our ONE LOGIC font! So, problem solved by removing the font-family property from our HTML element :laughing: