Information for Public Users - Please Read Before You Register

Dearest Reader,

we are so happy that you found our community forum and to have you here!

We strongly hope that you like what you see and that you hopefully will also register to achieve the fullest use for yourself of the forum.

Before you do register, please take some minutes and thoroughly read the following points, as well as the Terms of Service and Data Privacy Statement:

Public Discussions

Everything that is posted in this community forum is intended for a public discussion, which means that everything you post will be readable by all users! So please make sure that you do not mention, reveal, disclose, or lay open any sort of information, company info, business secret, or similar with your posts that you do not want to be public. Please mind the same for images, links, etc. that you use in your posts. In most cases, the sensible information can be either hidden or paraphrased and still pose the same questions.

Mandatory Login Information

As for many nowadays systems, you need to authenticate yourself in order to login. This is done via a combination of an email address (and later a chosen username) and a password.
Email addresses are never shown publicly! Public users can only see and reference you by your chosen username. Please make sure that your chosen username does not reveal your real identity (if you don’t want it to be publicly visible) - see also the next point about Personal Profile Information.

Personal Profile Information

We highly value your privacy and do everything to keep it private. In forums like this community portal, there are possibilities for users to tell something about themselves to make discussions more lively, like real names, links to own homepages, or an “about me” section.
Please mind that this information could lead to people identifying your real identity - so please make sure that you only enter information that you’d like to be public! All of the profile information is optional.

Guidelines for Public Discussions

Last but not least we’d like to remind you that there are guidelines for public discussions which we’d kindy ask you to follow - other users will do, too!