Increase width of filter


is there any way to increase the width of this Filter Button so that the string “Nothing Selected” is completely visible and not overwritten by the tiny tick on the right-hand side?


The element’s type is ‘filter’. Already tried to increase/adjust the width of the columns where it lies, but with no success.

If you use the Flex Grid you can span the filter element over several columns.

"template": [ "Filter1 Filter1 Filter 2 Filter 2 Filter 3 Filter 3", " . . . . . . ", ],

I already tried this out, but the only difference was that the filter was moved towards the center of the page. Its width did not change though.

The property horizontalAlignBox is defined as
Sets the horizontal alignment of the box's children. The box when used in grid will then just be of the size of it's content. Possible values are: left,center,right .
Therefore the element in your case “filter” just uses its css width which is unfortunatelly just covering the text “Nothing Selected” but not the full dropdown with arrows down as those two sections seem to overlap and therefore the width is just the text width.
Will take it to the product if this can be improved in future.

Hi Dany,

could you maybe post the json of your layout? This would really help to support you with the issue.