IfElse Processor with empty Input

Hi OD Users,
i have an If-Else Processor placed after a Microservice Input for updated rows. It should do some check on the rows and then either through an Assert (ifElse is true) or not. (IfElse is false)
But i want the If Else to just not do anything if empty Input is coming in. For example, if someone added a row, but did not update anything. Any ideas on how i might do that? i played around with the isNotNull and count functions, but that does not seem to be the way to go

my suggestion would be to just reverse the where conditions. (So throw the assert when ifElse is false and not when ifElse is true)
If you SELECT COUNT(*) = 0 now, the ifElse processor is true, whenever no changes were made and to assert will be thrown :slight_smile: