Identify Current User in App

Hello together,

I have to identify the current user in an app, like it’s mentioned in this thread:

Is it nowadays possible to access the system variables?

I have to filter data from a table, where one column stores the user-name. It should not be possible, that a user can access data where another user-name is in that column.

Thank you very much for your help!

The username is now available via a variable, see

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Hi Marcel,

Have a look at the Analysis Authorization Feature. It is tailored to your use case and will work in Apps but also in Workflows.
You can find it in the Use Case Module under settings

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Thank you Kai - I did not read the full question careful enough: If you use the variable like this (to filter out data) in the client (instead of using analysis authorization), you can not consider this secure. Any user of your App will be able to fetch all data because the client (== App builder) can be changed by the user in the browser.

If this is acceptable you can use a filter in the Apps JSON to limit the data, but if you need security to not expose data to other users you need to use analysis authorization.

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Thank you all for your answers! :slight_smile:
It worked now, so you can close the case here.