ID of a Result Table of a workflow

Hi OD Users,

according to this documentation result tables in a WF have an ID . Does someone know how to find it?

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not the most convenient way, but if you have a Workflow’s JSON, in it you can find the ID of any of the WF’s Processors, e.g. via the Processor’s name or via its type:

(As a side note: I’m not sure what you have in mind, but I don’t think it is actually possible to access data from a Result Table in OD Apps directly.)

thank you for your answer. I am searching for a way, where my App loads a Table according to the tables name. The solution I have is writing the table to a data table and then reading the data table. But since the writing is to slow, I need to execute the WF to do this always twice before I get the correct data. Is there an easier way?

Best, Daniel

As an extension to the point posted by Christopher, I think accessing the processor’s JSON directly via the workflow also provides the UUID, but I have never used it, maybe you can try it once to confirm if it indeed is the UUID for the specific processor in Workflow job.

thanky you for your answer. I tryied that, and it seems not to work, maybe I did something wrong there. I think i need a dynamic datasource via a function for this task.

Maybe a follow up question: How do I get the json of a workflow?

Hi Daniel,

as @christopher.roppelt already pointed out, I do not think that it is possible to access a result table from an app. If the writing speed is the main issue, you could try the following things:

  • a reason why Result Tables are faster in your case is maybe that they are limited to the (by default) first 400 results. Maybe limit or filter the results in your workflow before writing the data table?

  • you could experiment with different table formats. I remember from a past project that switching to PostgreSQL format resulted in faster access

Maybe this already helps.

Hi Matthias,
thank you. I will try that :slight_smile:

I think you are confusing Result Tables in workflows with Filterable Result Tables (a deprecated legacy feature). Result Tables are definitely not accessible from Apps.

OK, thank you. Than I have been confused from this text in the documentation:

JOB Datasource

**Property**: `job`

**Schema**: `table`


Data from workflow job result tables. For some ways of displaying data such as Highcharts visualizations, all data is retrieved.

Filterable Result Tables work very similar to Result Tables. They are also a type of data consuming workflow processor. But, as mentioned, they are deprecated.

Hi Daniel,

thank you for posting this question. This is a typo in our documentation and should, instead of “Result Table”, refer to the “Data Table Save” processor. Within this processors configuration there is the option to enable “reference Data Table by ID”. If you do so the ID of the Data Table will appear below the Data Tables name.
The Table has to be created before it’s possible to reference it by its ID.