I want to iterate through a WFs Job

Is there a way to easily iterate through WF jobs?
Ideally I’d like to list the set of variables used in all WF jobs.

I tried to use the python API, but so far i’ve seen no function to list all jobs of a WF.

Hi Jonas,

you can use the OD API with the following endpoint to extract a list of job IDs for a specific workflow:

These IDs can then be used in the following to extract the variable information (and some more):

# Get deep workflow job by ID
from onedata.workflows.jobs.types import WorkflowJob

wf_job_id = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000003"

wf_job: WorkflowJob = onedata_api.workflows.jobs.get(id=wf_job_id)

Hi Jonas,

as Katharina already mentioned, you would have to use the OD API, because the ONE DATA Python SDK does not officially cover retrieving a list of Jobs for a workflow.

However… the SDK uses the mentioned endpoint of the OD API internally and you can utilize this in a hacky way to get the response into your hands.

I highly recommend to place a feature request for this, so we can provide an official and tested solution for this hacky workaround. :slight_smile:

But here is the code:

I solemnly swear I'll create a feature request.
from onedata.api import OneDataApi
from onedata.common.types import Paginated
from onedata.workflows.jobs.commands import JobListCommand
from onedata.workflows.jobs.types import WorkflowJob, JobExecutionState

wf_id = ""  # FIXME
onedata_api = OneDataApi() # FIXME

job_ids = list()

for possibleExecutionState in [JobExecutionState.SUCCESS]:  # add more states here to fit your needs
    # This is hacky and untested. Use with caution. Please create a feature request when you need this feature in production.
    paginatedJobsInCurrentState: Paginated = onedata_api.execute_command(
        JobListCommand(wf_id, possibleExecutionState.value, 10))
    job_ids.extend(list(map(lambda job: job.id, paginatedJobsInCurrentState.items())))

# prevent duplicates
job_ids = set(job_ids)

for job_id in job_ids:
    deepJob: WorkflowJob = onedata_api.workflows.jobs.get(job_id)
    print(f"Variables used in job `{deepJob.id}`: {deepJob.variable_configurations}")


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