Http"s" for REST API Connection to OD instance

How can i encrypt the communication of a Rest Call made with the
“REST API Connection” ?

How would this look like for the case of using the OD Api ?

Hey Jonas,

if you would like to reach an instance that is not the same one as yours, then you should use the base URL of:


The :8080 only exists for the internal access of http://onedata-server:8080/api/v1

Now, the external instance you are trying to access must be reachable through the network in order to establish a connection, meaning that your instance has to have a network path - usually through the internet - towards your target instance.

Furthermore, the communication needs to use a valid TLS encryption, which you can check by opening the target instance in your browser and see if you need to accept an insecure connection or not.

As for the encryption, it is outside of ONE DATA’s realm to do anything with it.

I hope this helps,

The question is: Is it the same instance as you are executing the call from?
If yes, you can use the ecosystem-internal hostnames.
There then is also no need for encryption since the internal network is shut off from the outside world. As long as there are no malicuous entities in the internal network, eavesdropping on api communication should not be a concern.

If the target instance is remote, though, follow the steps that @adaliszk mentioned.

I connect to another ONE DATA instance.

In fact, i can use the following setup as a result of Your answer:

Instance “A” has Account “C” (which is allowed to execute WFs).
Now i can

  • create a Credential for Account “C” on instance “B”
  • create a Connection “K” on instance “B” which Base URL to the API of Instance “A”:
  • use the Connection “K” in a WF on Instance “B” to trigger a WF on instance “A”
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I am glad that it helped out. :wink:

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