How to use the Viewer license

Hi OD-users,

I have created a viewer license user for testing and a viewer user group. When I login with the viewer license user, I can only see the settings page, but cannot access any module (although I did assign the user to use cases and app viewer).
I also tried to add the viewer group to a project, but cannot find this group in my drop down to select from.

Can someone help me to understand how the viewer licenses can be used?

Thanks and best,

The viewer license is coupled to reports and has no relation to modules and apps. If you still want to work with reports (what I do not recommend as it might get considered to be depracted maybe in future as Apps is the new way the product will develop towards) then Viewer license makes sense to understand deeper and with potential drawbacks once looking into the future.

Currently the best way to achieve the Viewer license like behaviour is to give the desired user only access to the App Viewer Module, but make sure that the user is in a group with the necessary rights to access the data used in the app.