How to set tablename as variable in data-upload-form

Hi there,
I am using the data-upload-form component and am trying to trigger a workflow after the successful upload.
I created a workflow with a string variable “datatable_name” and have a app-variable “file_name_order”, which I specify in the data-upload-element in the app via the config-property

"dataTableVariableName": "file_name_order"

like mentioned in the documentation.
Also in the workflow-endpoint I use

"variableValue": "", // will be overridden
            "$variableValue": {
              "value": "{{ file_name_order }}"

From reading the docu I understand it like that the data-upload-element is automatically setting the value of the apps-variable to the value, the user entered in the corresponding field in the App itself. With that this value should be sent to the workflow. However in my case only the default value is sent (from the variable definition in the app).

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance, best

Hey Christoph,

Do you use version 0.4.1? Because we had the same issue at version 0.4.0 and needed to switch to the latest one. Then it worked as expected.