How to reference $-keys in Apps via jsonpath

Dear App-gurus,
in Apps we are often using $ or @ symbols in our json-keys to indicate special behaviour, like setting values dynamically.
I want to reference via a jsonpath-expression the value of such a key and adapt it.

How can I do that, since these symbols have also a special meaning in jsonpath-syntax and it seems jsonpath cannot deal with our Apps-cases?


  "elements": [
      "id": "welcomeTitle",
      "type": "html",
      "config": {
        "html": "", // Default property
        "$html": {
          "value": "Hello {{string_var}}" // Variable property

I want to change the value of the following json-path: $.elements[?('welcomeTitle')].config.$html.value.

Should jsonpath be able to deal with that?

Thanks in advance