How to find out which R libraries are available

How can I find out which R libraries are available on my ONE DATA instance? In the Python Script processor, I can find it after mouseover the info button, but not in the R Script processor

Kai, you can build a small Workflow on your Instance using the R-Script Data Generator as Input.
Using a small script:
test <- installed.packages()
and a Result Table should give you an Overview of your R packages.


Thanks for your tip Martin. After you told me, I remember that I used it in the past as well.
But unfortunately, it is not working any more. See this post Is it an instance problem if R base functions do not work anymore?

Hi Kai, thanks for the hint. It looks like a versioning issue.
On my OD - instance Version 3.28.1 (Client: 1.188.0 / Server: 46.46.1) it still works.
Internal instance is at the latest release
So better report to ONE DATA Q&A to bugfix it and to have R base functions within the next release.

It seems that this code only works for non-dockerized instances! E.g. internal it does not work, while at a non-dockerized it works

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