How to deploy one project multiple times on the same instance?

I would like to
export project B from instance Z
and import project B on instance X, two times.

I want to be able to update project B1.X and B2.X independently in the future

How do i have to setup my update.json ?

Hi Jonas,
this is possible by using the built-in DPT/DPU tool.

Generally when you export a project with DPT and import it again on the same instance a new project is being created, that is independent from the source-project and your IDs are resolved automatically.
However one must pay attention, that all necessary datatables (e.g. referenced in Apps) are contained in the exported (home-project of the App) project (also source-tables of VDTs) in case you have a setting with multiple linked projects.
Also sometimes (e.g. when referencing workflow-IDs in functions) one needs to update a project twice atm such that all IDs get resolved (because DPU has a fixed sequence of updating the resource).

There are some inconveniences, for example due to the fact that datatable-names must be unique on the domain, DPT will add a (Imported at {timestamp}) postfix to all your names.
Both loading datatables by ID and by name will still work, however it might be inconvenient to have such kinds of table-names.

What you can do to avoid those things is to update an empty project instead of importing the project and using the DPU-json to change all your datatable-names while updating. In our project-setting we achieved this by using a deploy-id in our resource-names like [A][SOURCE]table_name.
We can then use an action in the DPU-json like that to change this deploy-ID to some other:

    "type": "replace",
    "jsonPath": "$.name",
    "searchRegex": "^\\[A\\]",
    "replace": "\\[B\\]"