How do i fix "problem: projectId required" when upadting a project

Context I am using the Transfer update tool to update a project. We changed some WFs, DS definitions and created new WF.
One of the new WFs is not created newly. The Transfer-tool shows the following Error:

[WARN]  Unable to get or create workflow XXXXXX, skipping (Cannot construct instance of ``, problem: projectId required.
 at [Source: (PushbackInputStream); line: 1, column: 2439] (through reference chain:["creation"]))

How do i fix that? Do i have to update all the WFs with this error manually?

update: The Error is thrown for all WFs of the project i want to update

You are using versions of CLASSIC server (onedata-backend) and data-product-transfer-backend that do not fit together. The CLASSIC server seems to be a version that is equal to or newer than 51.0.0 and data-product-transfer-backend is older than 3.0.0.
Background: due to some rights management problems breaking API changes had to be made in CLASSIC server 51.0.0.

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