How can i publish an App which has an Error

All my data sources share their configs except their Id.
To save lines of code i defined a partial to set the config and than just override the dataId.
The App Builder throws Errors because the partials are not considered in the static code check. This error prevents me from publishing the App. The Preview in the App Builder however works just fine.
Update The code check evaluates the partial!! See answer for more explanation.

Is there any Property a DevOps can change, such that i am able to publish this “only-in-build-context” unbroken Apps?

Not the direct answer for you questions but as solution, you can add the following lines to each data table

"config": {
    "dataId": "00000000-0000-4d53-88e1-000000000000"

That should be enough to suppress the error and it is still clear that this is not the true ID

Surprisingly this does not actually work on my App Builder version…

Remark: Do not use partials in data sources. It does not work well (Apps Client version 1.102.0)

The Code checker actually evaluated all the partials.
To fix my problem i simply set a dummy data id within the partial.

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