How can i create a long poll

Can i create a long polling request with any OD Resource (i.e. a connection) to another OD instance?

@jonas.sperling can you elaborate what you mean by “long pulling request”? Does this only concern long execution times or also large payloads? Do you have a rough idea what “long” means in your use case?

Hi @adrian.berndl , thank You for Your reply.
(side note: My question is only optimizing a given setup. Not being able to create long polling request does not block our project.)

  • long execution times: yes
  • large payload: no
  • what “long” means: more than 10 seconds. (And at some point i guess i would make another request instead of a 30mins long poll.)

Setup: Two OD instances: A & B. Asynchronous, but sequential workload/execution of WFs (A->B->A->B…). Only one instance is allowed to make requests to the other one (A to B).


  1. I want quick result on instance A without “cluttering” instance B with high frequent requests.
  2. The business process is not fixed yet. There is a chance it would be helpful to be able to “listen” to instance B.

My thoughts here:

  • requests taking up to 3 minutes should be fine (IIRC the standard settings for timeouts on CLASSIC and proxy/router containers)
  • if requests take longer, you probably have to adjust these timeouts
  • I would expect that such long-running requests will block database connections for the time that they are executing, so this might have to be reflected in the database settings