Housekeeping in ONE DATA

Dear community,
in our project we were wondering if there are best practises on how to do housekeeping in OD, both from other customer experience or internal experience would be helpful.

Concretely we are thinking about things like those (but not exclusively):

  • How can naming conventions be controlled and enforced?
  • How can active and “inactive” projects be identified? What to do with inactive ones?
  • How can “unnecessary” workflows in projects be identifie? I. e. by name of course, but also by last runs?
  • How can data tables that are not constantly used and might not be needed anymore be identified? What should we do with those?

Mainly monitoring and housekeeping is seen as an activity that involves the API, are there other ideas?

I am happy about any kind of idea and experience on this and looking forward to an exchange.


ONE DATA currently does not force users into any standards.
However, I like your ideas and I’m thinking of a technical solution here using ONE DATA itself.
I’m working on a monitoring app for OD instances at the moment.
I think I have concepts for all your bullet points so we should definitely have a talk.

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