Hide column of table

Hi all,
Is there any possibility to hide a specific column of a table element? Reason is that I need the column when downloading the table as excel file (the column should appear in the excel file) but the column should not be visible in the App.

I don’t think you can exclude columns. But maybe you can solve your use case by manually specifying the columns you need to display. You can do so in the table element → config → columns`
In the example below, you can see a short example displaying only MATCH and LINK columns.

   { "name": "dataset_id",
    "label": "LINK",
    "width": "4%",
    "renderer": "NavigationCell",
    "rangeFilter": false,
    "valueFilter": false,
    "sorting": false
    "name": "search_result_description",
    "label": "MATCH",
    "width": "9%"

In case you have dynamic column and can’t hardcode the columns as suggested by @kai.geukes :

If the data is generated by a workflow / process under your control, you could save a second version of the data table “data_table_for_excel” and use for example the “Column Exclusion”-processor in ONE DATA to remove the unwanted column from the “normal” data table.

Thanks for your quick answers :). I think I was not clear enough with my question. I have a table in an App and a button for the user to download that table as an excel file like this:
“download”: {
“full”: true,
“$fileName”: {
“value”: “some_variable_with_file_name”
“type”: “excel”
I don’t have dynamic columns so I can specify the columns that shall be displayed. But if I do so only the specified columns are in the excel file which can be downloaded by the user. What I want to have is for example columns A, B and C in the excel file which can be downloaded. But only columns A and B should be displayed in the table in the App.