Get error message from assert processor into App toast notification

in a project we have a workflow that is triggered by an execute button in an app. The workflow contains some assert-processors, each performing a different check on data, which fail the workflow if the checked criteria are not met. When this happens, the app shows a toast notification with the user the (configurable) default error message defined in the app. However, it would be much more helpful for the user if this notification would contain the message issued by the assert processor that failed the workflow, as this gives a more clear info on what went wrong. I have seen in a custom component that this is possible, but did not find out how this was implemented. Does someone here have more ideas on how to do that?
Many thanks in advance for any hints!

Hi Matthias,

would the option “showSpecificErrorMessages” in the config of the executeButton maybe already help you here? It is not optimal because (as far as I know) you cannot define which Error or Warning messages you want to see and you cannot format the messages either but if the Assert processors are the only processors returning Warnings/Errors it might still be helpful :slight_smile:

This was the option I was looking for, thanks @magdalena.murr !

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