Flexible REST API to call slave WF to add column to a number of Tables

Dear OD Experts,
I have created a Master WF to process multiple tables in a Slave WF. In the Flexible REST API Processor I add the respective data table name as parameter. Whenever, I execute the Master WF the API runs the slave workflow, but every job fails. When I checked, I saw that the table name was sent to the Slave WF, but it appended a question mark (?) to the table name variable. Has anyone had the same issue before? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

We have sorted out the problem. The fault is on me. I have copied a list of table names from powerpoint, and I think there were some hidden format codes in the list, that couldn’t be interpreted by the API-Call. After copying each table name after each other, it works out as intendet.

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