FlexGrid for GraphVisualizer

Dear all,

has anyone already tried using the GraphVisualizer Custom Component within a flexGrid Layout? Or does someone know whether one would need a certain configuration of the GraphVisualizer element in order to do so?
For me it looks like in the screenshot but I am quite sure the data is there because if I click on “Download SVG”, then I get the graph in my downloaded picture.


GraphVisualizer has been developed before the the introduction of flexGrid. So definitely no configuration available for the Visualizer. We will have a look. Will pm you about details and update the post here once we have more infos.

I have the same problem. I see you managed to solve the issue somehow, but I cannot derive the necessary changes myself.
What’s the solution @magdalena.murr ?

Update to /vbpm-custom-element/1.8.1/vbpm-custom-element.umd.min.js solved the issue