Find string in WF

Given: A Table in Long format, where one row says: “@Forecast_Start_Date@”
Task: Find where a variable is not set correctly in the origin WF.
Derived problem: I want to find the string “@Forecast_Start_Date@” in a WF.

How do i do that efficiently?

Option 1:
Your Workflow is well documented: Open those processors at your WF that might cause the issue. Usually there are not too many of it.

Option 2:
Export your Workflow, decode the base64 string into json and search the json with @Forecast_Start_Date@. That will point you the the processor where it is used.

Option 1 is more for the sake of completness. I guess you ruled it out already.

Awesome thank You Kai. I did not even know that the base64 string which i can see after clicking the export button is just the json… should’ve known though, everything is json in OD :smiley: