Find out difference between Apps-Versions

Hi community,
is it possible to find out how two versions of an App differ in their json-representation?
Something like a GIT diff, where one can see which lines have changed from one version to the other?

Thanks for your input,

Hi Christoph,
currently there is no functionality like git diff available in Apps. But you could do this with something like a only diff checker (if there a no sensible data in your json) by copy and pasting both configs.
I will talk to our product Team about this idea of implementing a diff functionality.
Thanks a lot

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The Git Integration in Apps is very powerful and should be able to do so. Unfortunately you must ask DevOps to activate that feature first. There is also a part about it in the Apps Documentation

Hi, thanks for your answers. I did not know that there are online diff checkers, so thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

You can also do something like that if you compare them locally using kdiff or meld (both installed on our machines). The only issue: You are required to standardize the app-json in a deterministic way to not get diffs due to different order of items.

If this sounds useful give me a ping, we’ve been following this approach for a rather long time in a project.

Just a small comment regarding online diff checkers: If the JSON contains “sensitive” information that you do not want to leak you should stick to local tools. Online tools potentially store uploaded stuff and use it for whatever purpose they could come up with :slight_smile:


PyCharm also offers you that functionality and also has a nice JSON handling out of the box.


Thanks, I will try pycharm then, since I am working on a customer laptop without kdiff or melt :slight_smile: