Filter with unselected visible options, synced with other filters


In my app, I have a filter with the following options.


I would like to set options “A”, “B”, “C” to be pre-selected when loading the app and options “D” and “E” not to be pre-selected.

My approach:

Pre-selected options

Setting pre-selected options can be configured like this with no problem whatsoever:

“selectedFilter”: [

Visible options, but not pre-selected:

In order to allow options “D” and “E” to be visible upon loading the app but not selected, I need to set the option applyFilter=True in the corresponding syncset of the filter. However, this leads to this filter no longer being synced with the other filters being applied and published on the same syncSet.

“syncSets”: [
“syncSetId”: “my_syncset”,
“applyFilters”: false,
“publishFilters”: true

→ My questions is then: how do I implement a filter where I can specify a set of pre-selected options and a set of un-selected (but visible) options, which is synchronized with other filters via syncSets (applyFilters ought to be set to True for this filter) ?

Hi Danyele,

unfortunately I cannot offer you a solution, but I will talk with the team about this and either come back with a solution or take this up in our priorisation list.

Best regards