Filter values not passed to exact same filter element

we have a page with several filters and a PopUp Window for changes which shows the exact same filters for a second time on the same page.

When a value is selected in the first filter, i would estimate that this selection is also done in the second filter which is the exact same element just in another container.

This passing of selected values was the case a few months ago, but its not anymore. Is this change in filter behaviour intended?

Thanks for your replies! :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answers.

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@JohannesS there was no explicit change in the behaviour of filters. Hence, please raise a incident ticket and/or add an example App to reproduce here.

@peter.ziewer, this would be an exemplatory app:

Both filters shown are the exact same element, but the filter values do not get updated in both filters when changing one, which was the case a few … (idk) ago.

@JohannesS the implementation of filters was adjusted in 2022.Q3 release to support parameterization. If you add the same filter (or other elements) multiple times then those are individual instances of the filter which all can have different parameters. Hence, with 2022.Q3 you need to create multiple filters and explicitly sync them with each other to solve your Use Case.