Filter Expanding After Multiple Selection in FlexGrid

Dear fellow App Builders,

I have an App containing some filters:

Once I select multiple options, the column underlying the filter element widens:

Has anyone else ever experienced this and knows what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance,

I would expect that this is the normal behavior of the flexGrid for the column specifications used.

Is it possible that the columns containing the filter use “fr” or some other kind of specifier that does not enforce a maximum width? (in general from my limited knowledge a max width can be defined with … ‘minmax’, ‘max’ or using % instead of fr)

Perhaps you could post the layout json with the flexGrid config to check if this is the case.

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I used 1fr for the column… So in my case (I have 9 columns) I could just use 11% instead of 1fr then. Thanks!