Fill Apps Checkbox Element from Postgres Table (Boolean Apps Variable)

I’ve got an App with some CheckBox elements that can be passed to a FaaS Function. This works well and the Endpoint Parameter can be handled as boolean Python object.

The user should have the possibility to get the input forms (incl. CheckBox) prefilled by clicking in a Data Table (using an action column from the NavigationCell custom component). In order to have the CheckBoxes ticked/unticked, like it is indicated in the Data Table, the column that will be forwarded to the Apps Variable must be of type boolean (I assume). The Apps Variable is of course boolean, too.

However, if I look at the endpoint parameters that then will be transfered to FaaS, I see that the CheckBoxes that are prefilled (i.e. are ticked because of the value in the Data Table), are transfered as 1 (or 0) and that the manually clicked CheckBoxes are still true/false (see screenshot)

Is there a way to ensure, that I always receive the information in the same format from the Check Box? How should the column of my Data Table look like, that I can prefill the CheckBox and also transfer the value?
It would be okay if it is not boolean but just a string. I only want consistency. Did anyone managed to do so already?

My Data Table is of type Postgresql.