Expose Production Line Variables via Apps

Hi all,

is it possible to expose production line variables in an App so that the user can insert his variables and then execute the Production Line from an App?

Our use case looks as follows:

  • A DS built a project in OD core that should now be reused by many analysts
  • An analyst will navigate to the production line and insert some variables (name of his input file, name of the output file and a comment to the table - if applicable)
  • The analyst will then save and execute the production line
  • The analyst will access his created table and proceed to work with it (the table will also be saved to Oracle, the exact way of how the analyst continues with the data table may differ)

We now want to secure the project so that the analysts can use, but not accidentally destroy any of the workflows & production line in the project.

Our idea was to introduce an executor role, that can only execute the production line, and we were now wondering if we could also cover this case by exposing the production line details in an App that will then with a button offer the analyst to use his table in a desired project.

If there are further questions to the use case, please let me know!

Hello Viola,

I see two possible solutions to this issue.

  1. Execution Button Production Line: In the endpointParameters you can hand on variable values. The variable values themselves could be specified by variable inputs in the app.

  2. Execution Button Workflow + API: Via variable input the user can specify the values and hand them on to a workflow that loads the variable values in a custom input table and then triggers the production line via the ONE DATA API in flexible rest api processor.

I hope one of those helps your case

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After short discussion with the product team the solution is as Magy describes.

It is possible to handover variable values from an App to a production line or a workflow.
For our case we tested to have three input fields defined in the app and with an execution button handover the values to the production line and execute it.
(see documentation for app building → https://apps.teams.onedata.de/apps/apps-docs/odml-documentation/AppBuilder/endpoints/Endpoints.html#endpoint-parameters)