executeButton without icon

Is there a way to remove the icon from the executeButton?
If I leave the icon empty in the config

element.config “icon”: “”,

the play button is shown.

If I type in none or some other word, for which an OIcon does not exist, no icon is shown, but the text is not aligned centrally in the button and there is empty space at the place the icon usually would be.
Is there a proper way to remove the icon from the button?

Hi, what about using some custom CSS to get rid of the icon in the button, and then putting this CSS in a global or page-specific CSS file?

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Thanks for your input, I fear I will end up with some hacky workaround like this. But I don’t consider it a proper solution.

If you specify an invalid icon then no icon will be displayed. However, there still will be an empty space instead of the icon.

Added as feature request to backlog

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