escapeHtml for CustomCellHighlighting

we’re having a table where we want to show an html Link to a webpage, but also use for the same column the tooltip of the CustomCellHighlighting.
So in the config we have something like this:

    "name": "attribute_value",
    "edit": true,
    "escapeHtml": false,
    "label": "Value",
    "renderer": "CustomCellHighlighting"

If we leave out the “renderer”: “CustomCellHighlighting”, we get our HTML Link but no tooltips (obviously), but with the renderer we get the tooltip but the escapeHtml part doesn’t work.

2022-06-24 16_00_34-ONE DATA Apps

Is there a way to get both: the link and the tooltip ?
By the way, in the tooltip the Link is correctly shown.

Thanks a lot,