Error: Unable to load Data Table: Loaded Schema [name (case insensitive), type] does not match the Data Table schema: [...]

Dear One Data Users,

I would like to load a data table using the Data Table Load Processor. However, I get the following error

Has anyone ever encountered this error in a Workflow before and knows how to fix it/what the underlying problem is?

Thanks in advance,

Is the origin of your data table in Oracle? There was a bug, that when you saved Oracle tables as Parquet (using the Connection Load processor), you sometimes got similar errors as above. This bug should already be fixed, but maybe your data table was created before.

No, it’s a MSSQL Database. In your case, did saving it as Postgresql solve the issue?

The problem named by Kai can also occur for other database types than Oracle. if the data table was created with the old Database Connection Load processor, then I’m afraid that it may be broken. Fixing may be possible by converting everything to string and back to the intended types. Use a workflow for this. To avoid this issue in future, update your workflows such that they do not sue the legacy Database Connection Load processor anymore.