Edit table element (extend with dropdown selection)


I have a table element with two columns. One displaying the “keys”, the other the “values”.
Via the “Edit table” functionality the user can edit the column “values”. For certain rows I do not want to provide the opportunity to enter an arbitrary string rather to have a dropdown menu where the user can select from a few predefined values.

Is this currently possible? If yes, how?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

For anyone encountering this issue: The property config.editing.valueOptions should help to solve this issue. The property config.valueMapping can also be helpful in this context.

Yes, it is possible indeed via the valueOptions. In this option, you specify a separate data source table datasource_mapping_table containing three columns: plan_key, plan_value_1 (for the valueColumn), plan_value_2 (for the labelColumn).

plan_key | plan_value_1 | plan_value_2
a | b | b
a | c | c

Then, in the app you configure this code to specify how the Join on the plan_key should occur. In each key’s dropdown, all the plan_value_1 corresponding to plan_key are going to be visible and selectable:

  "id": "ele_table_dropdown_column",
  "config": {
    "columns": [
        "name": "plan_key",
        "label": "Plan Key",
        "width": "160px",
        "edit": true
    "dataLabels": true,
    "download": {
      "fileName": "Download File Name",
      "full": true,
      "type": "excel"
    "rangeFilter": true,
    "valueFilter": true,
    "editing": {
      "labels": {
        "startEditing": "Edit Table",
        "stopEditing": "Cancel"
      "edit": true,
      "add": false,
      "delete": false,
      "saveToMicroservice": {
        "id": "workflowID",
        "targetProjectId": "projectId",
        "fullDeletedRows": false,
        "synchronizeResults": true,
        "variableAssignments": [
		//optional variable to pass to the WF when editing
            "variableName": "var_1", // (Technical) Name of the variable
            "variableValue": "my_value_var_1"
      "lockAppWhileEditing": true,
      "lockDataUpdatesWhileEditing": false,
      "valueOptions": [
          "column": "plan_key",
          "source": "datasource_mapping_table",
          "valueColumn": "plan_value_1",
          "labelColumn": "plan_value_2",
          "allowNewValues": false,
          "syncSets": []
  "source": "data_table_datasource",
  "sourceOptions": {
    "sql": "SELECT i.* FROM inputTable i "
  "styles": {},
  "type": "table"
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But I think these valueOptions seem only to be column based? I can not specify individual dropdowns for each row separately. For example, row 0 has a dropdown with the values 1,2 and 3 whereas row 1 has a dropdown containing the values 4,5 and 6 ?

Yes, my suggested approach is column-based and wouldn’t work with a different dropdown specific for every row.

All the available options are visible and selectable in all the rows.