Edit mode without striped lines

Dear apps community,

is it possible to display the table in edit mode without striped lines?
In the past it was possible to do this via setting the config striped to false.
I was able to figure out, that this config is not valid anymore.
What is the reason for this and is there another way to remove striped lines in edit mode?

Thank you in advance

In summer 2020 there was a table design rework for Apps done. The result of this is what you experience and see currently. So it was an active product decision how the tables currently look. So basically this is how the product looks like. Sorry that we can not offer anything else here, but this is the current product design at this place. If more demands in this direction will arise of course we will consider to rethink.

Thank you for the fast response.
In my eyes this current design makes absolute sense if in the editable table it is allowed to add new lines.
So these striped columns should really be required.
But at our current customer projects we have a fixed amount of rows. So it is something like a form / template that should be filled.
And therefor it would be great if the user would not see any difference between viewer and edit mode, meaning all styles we can apply via custom components in viewer mode are also used in edit mode.
As this is currently not possible (this would be best case scenario) my workaround would be to give at least all columns with white background.
Because currently sum rows can be one time with grey and one time with white background what is quite confusing for the users.
Maybe you can add this to your list of improvement topics: Keep formatting of table in edit mode :slight_smile:

And as this stripped config is still in the apps documentation it would make sense to remove it there :wink:

Thank you for the hint and I will consider it to make Apps fit better and to more use cases in the future.

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I had a look at an old version of the documentation. In the current version it is already excluded :+1: